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Academic Activities

Sakhalin State University comprises 6 Institutes (Institute for Economics and Oriental Studies, Institute of Philology, Institute of Pedagogics, Institute of Law, Institute for Management and Social Studies, and Institute of Technology), 6 Faculties (Physics, Math and Computer Science Faculty, Natural Science Faculty, Natural Resources, Oil and Gas Engineering, Service and Tourism Faculty and Preparatory Faculty), Colleges (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Teacher Training College, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsky College, Sakhalin Theatre College). The University has 9 educational buildings and 3 hostels with more than 1000 students.

Over 7000 students study at the University, including over 1000 full-time and about 400 part-time students enrolled in 2009. We have 41 educational programs for specialists and bachelors, 4 master programs, 16 post-graduate programs, and 30 secondary vocational education courses.

A great work has been done over the last 5 years to open new areas of study for training specialists and bachelors. Licenses have been obtained and personnel training programs have been started in such areas as: Law Finance and Credits, Logopedics, Journalism, Ecology, Biology, Geography, Computer Information Science, Environmental Management, Social Science, Pedagogics and Psychology.

Region's remoteness causes the lack of higher education programs available, but the University does its best to offer a greater number of educational programs in order to provide citizens with the best educational opportunities. Over the past few years, the University has started to offer new courses in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, Oil and Gas Engineering, Management, Translation and Translation Study, Linguistics, Ecology, Journalism, Aquatic Bio-Resources and Aquaculture and so on.

Sakhalin State University is implementing several second university degree programs, professional development programs and external studies programs. All that creates favorable conditions for the Lifelong Learning.

Sakhalin Region development concept reflects the region's role of linking the Far East to the mainland and to the Asian-Pacific countries. Region's economy shows stable growth and investment activity performance, setting the higher education system new objectives and goals, namely rendering information, technical and organizational support, establishing joint educational scientific and industrial centers involving foreign universities and companies, and also prompt decision-making concerning personnel training issues. That is our mission, and we face the future confidently.